Sunday, January 6, 2019


Now that the holidays are over, the decorations are packed back up on the twelfth night, the parties are over, and the family, friends, and I are back to work, I put together a list of things that keep me moving through what I call the post holiday blues.

5. Cats. Some people say social media is bad, but I disagree. I need #catsofinstagram in my life. I've adopted an online cat, whose litter box I'll never change.
4. Netflix. Travelers, Fuller House, Bird Box, Peanut (Jeff Dunham is not too bad himself either), Relatable, and even reruns of Friends are always fun to watch. Caroline Kepnes wrote a great book that I read over the summer, You. Lifetime made it into a series, which was also shown on Netflix. Not only was the book and series AMAZEBALLS, it was fun to tell people, "I am watching You!"
3. The Purge. Every winter and summer, my family and I declutter the house. We give away clothes, organize closets, change the shower liners, and scoot over the sofa and beds to vacuum underneath, so the house is extra clean.
2. #Elfontheshelf with unicorns. No one is ever too old for gumball machines and my teenager got two plastic unicorns while we were out eating with the family, so I figured why let the fifty cents go to waste. It gets over 500 views daily, which may not sound like a lot, but I found it interesting that it gets the most hits of all the content.
1. Summer. One day closer to spring and my favorite season of all, summer! Oddly, this Christmas one of the spring flowers sprouted up four months early.

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