Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Unhappy with your current career?  Disappointed that your college degree didn't take you where you wanted to go?  Unsure of what the next step may be to make a positive change?

There's no easy answer.  Everybody's situation is different.  However, here are some ideas to help get you out of a career stall.

GO BACK TO SCHOOL   Take specific, targeted classes.  Create a plan, and see it through.  Take advantage of any tuition reimbursement programs that your current company may already have.

MOVE UP THE RANKS   Find out what opportunities are available at your current job.  Explore your current company, and learn it from the inside out.  Work toward obtaining the credentials or experience you need to apply for a better position.   

NETWORK  Talk to people.  Learn about current opportunities that you might not have heard about elsewhere.  Sometimes opportunities are around that you never thought to look for in the first place.

JOB BOARDS  Make sure this isn't the only place you are finding open positions.  Yes, sometimes you can find great job announcements, but sometimes you can find additional positions posted at the specific company's website as well. 

FIND THE POSITIVE  Do you interact with people everyday?  Use every moment as a professional opportunity.  Smile, be friendly, and be a team player.

BE PROFESSIONAL  Remember each email or text you send should be professional!  dont write a string of words like this...:)  Make sure to address the recipient.  Keep the talk strictly business, and pay attention to your grammar.  Cute smiley faces won't help you here.  Also, watch how you dress.  Does your wardrobe need updating?  Slacks and a plain T-shirt might fit the dress code, but sometimes adding a better dress shirt with a coordinated jacket/blazer might make you look more professional.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS  Blog about it.  Find a restaurant with a good margarita.  Buy a lotto ticket (just one).  Eat a chocolate chip cookie.  Go out for ice cream.  Read a book at that beach...  Then, get back out there and try again.        

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