Monday, January 5, 2015


Of course, it finally gets cold on the day I go back to work.  On all the other days that I wanted to snuggle up in my blanket, watch a movie, wear fluffy, oversized socks, and drink my hot chocolate, I'm in shorts! (Except on New Year's Eve, when it was suddenly cold, while I tried to watch fireworks...)

However, the weather isn't the worst part of my morning.  The fact that I am going back to work after being off for the holidays is not the worst part of my morning.  The miserable traffic from my nine to five job commute is not the worst part of my morning.  Nope!  It's the FM radio stations that turn into talk radio.  New Orleans has a better chance for snow than I do of hearing an actual song on the radio during my morning commute! 

My most unique Christmas present, the AUX cord, came in handy.  As I started my car in my apartment complex's parking lot, I went back and forth through all the channels.  A radio DJ whined about already breaking his resolution to lose weight.  The DJ said that he felt bad because he saw a jogger (he also noted in the freezing COLD) as he - Mr. DJ - was going out to get breakfast (which I'm assuming wasn't for a grapefruit, but I mean, my chocolate chip pancakes were good).  I changed the station only to hear a commercial about getting out of debt.  (I max my credit cards out every year.  How else am I going to get those --insert vacation destination-- points?  KIDDING!)  I tried one more, and their discussion about resolutions was equally boring.  (Stay off my iphone less, are you kidding me?)  On that note, I plugged in my AUX cord and connected it to some real music as I warmed up my car.     

While I drove off to work, I survived the first day back commute thanks to an impeccable playlist I bought with all my itunes gift cards.  The music's beat pumped me up.  I made it through Monday after the holidays.  I finished my eight hour workday with no problem and jammed all the way back home.  After dinner, some hot chocolate, a good movie, and a shower, I was ready for bed.  And believe me, after all that jamming, I was beat.  (No pun intended.)

I'm snuggled up in my blanket wearing my fluffy, oversized socks, but my eyes won't shut.   
Now my neighbor's playing his music...

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