Friday, February 20, 2015


Waiting in line again?  Here are ten things you might be thinking...
10.  I forgot to get what I actually came in here for. I'm not losing my place in line to go get it now.
9.  It never fails.  I always get in the slowest moving line.
8.  Maybe I can get out of line for it.  The lady in front of me is unloading two shopping carts.  I have time.
7.  I hope my ice cream doesn't melt by the time I checkout.
6.  This store is always packed no matter what time I come.
5.  Does the lady behind me know I can hear everything she's saying on the phone?
4.  I can't believe the lady in front of me is wearing that!  I'm not sure if she bought that outfit from a garage sale or the clearance racks here.  Wait, I own the same pants.
3.!  The cashier just pulled the light for the manager.
2.  Did I get all my bags? 
1.  How did I spend $200+ in one trip?

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