Monday, April 13, 2015


Bonus: You buy him $200 Nikes only to find an additional $526 electricity charge on your credit card.
10.  Your best friend records a story about him on Investigative Discovery.  (Thank you for that, Jen!)
9.  He prefers Monsters to Rockstars... or worse, Red Bulls!
8.  He doesn't bother to come see you on his off days...
7.  There are two wine glasses on his kitchen counter, but you don't drink wine (because you deal with him and need something stronger.)
6.  He is considering voting for Hillary.  (Monica 2016, are you with me?)
5.  You pay for dinner...again...
4.  That's not you in his facebook profile picture.
3.  That scrungie on his nightstand - it's not yours...
2.  His cologne smells too much like vanilla.  (It's not his...or cologne you're smelling!)
1.  He texts you that he had a great time last night, but... you didn't go out with him!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Baltimore, MD is full of haunted, historical stories.

This famous house out there is said to be cursed and have ghosts living inside...

The lights weren't on when I took the picture...

My car's engine light came on while we were parked on the side of the road.  (It turned off after we left.)

(See the phantom on the left leaning over?)
Here's Fort Howard...  It can be a bit creepy as well... abandoned hospitals and dungeons...

But the real reason that scared me out of Baltimore was...

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         I wish for this blog to get one million views.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


My baby (who works nights) got pulled over the other day while he was meeting me for breakfast...  This morning I texted him (about the time he goes to sleep)...

"They got me too!  I just got a ticket on the way to work."

He quickly called me.  I answered the phone, "April Fools'!"


My other friend said, "Speeding??  Just flirt... beautiful women never get tickets..."

Two for one...

However, both my bestie and my brother replied that they refuse to believe anything I say today.  (My brother even goes as far as to mark his calendar to remind him not to listen to me today.)

My other bestie told me that she safely made it to work and avoided the speed trap I warned her about on a nearby street... April Fools' again!

And when my class came into my room talking... I told them their awful behavior was why I was quitting, and the mean sub that they are all scared of would be their new teacher. When they started to cry, I said, "April Fools'" and continued my lesson without any further disruptions.

But, when my daughter bent over in pain at dinner, screaming that she cracked her tooth - I ran to her side - only to be April Fooled. Sigh!

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