Sunday, April 24, 2016


Sometimes it takes a real man to make you realize what a loser is... 

#5  A random girl begins to text bomb your phone with threats because you are dating her man.  Drop the drama.  He isn't worth it.  Rather than engage in a fight, report/block/ignore the childlike behavior of others.

#4  He needs new tennis shoes.  Spend your money on new heels instead.

#3  You've never been out with him, but he texts you to come over.  Respond only with pictures posted to your Instagram of the "Girls Night Out" you had instead.

#2  You never go out with anyone else.  Watch more Dateline and ID.  Hope not to see you on it next.

#1  Sometimes it doesn't take a man at all to realize being single is freaking awesome!       

*This blog is for entertainment purposes only.