Monday, July 31, 2017


When my twin daughters were one-year-olds, I decided to save money and give them a haircut. When the third person commented that I had the most adorable sons, I decided hair styling was not for me. Fast forward fifteen years later and I still tell my hair colorist don't even bother styling my hair because all her hard work will go up in a ponytail.  (Being a grade school teacher, it's the preferred hair style to combat head lice anyway.)  My makeup techniques are subtle - Burt's Bees lip balm with a hint of color.  My students are amazed whenever I wear eye shadow.  (If only they paid that much attention to the missing periods at the end of their sentences.)  I once started a trend for a simple bun among my coworkers, but then I saw the King of Queens episode where Carrie wears the bun... Fascinated by large sized hair clips, I googled the French twist and actually got it to work once.  I can never get a nice French tip on my fingernails, though. I suffer from tremors or jitters depending on how many energy drinks I've consumed that day.  I love my InStyler, and if the humidity is low, I can get my hair pretty curly with a curling iron.  Lately, however, my makeup tricks have been reduced to Photoshop.  One right filter and I've mastered the art of a subtle bronzing.  I even beautified my best friend's selfie.  It got a few likes.  I can list the pros and cons of waxing, electrolysis, laser hair remover, shaving, tweezing, or that awful smelling cream.  All in all, I'm the oldest with four brothers.  Growing up in the 80s/90s, our idea of beauty was bruised arms from tether ball, scratched legs from climbing trees, mud fights, Neapolitan suntans (red from what burned - cheeks/shoulders, brown for what tanned - legs/arms, and white for what was covered by a shirt - farmer's tan),  and lots of hair gel from all my bad perms!  Now in 2017, my beauty regime sometimes includes teeth whitening strips, varicose vein removal, and whatever new surprises pop off with my blackhead remover strip.

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